16 November 2011
Source: Hvidsten News

Hvidsten Group is launching new web sites for its Norway and Thailand based companies. Apart from a new look and feel, building similar visual identities for Hvidsten Eiendom AS and Hvidsten Co., Ltd. was a core part of the exercise aimed at connecting the two brands more closely with each other. Says Director of Marketing Communications, Jan-Erik Jakobsen: “Although the companies are bound by the laws of their respective countries, it has been important for us to highlight the link between the entities. Having a presence in both places is an advantage that builds confidence in our Scandinavian audience and this should be underlined.”

The web sites are also meant to offer improved functionality for its users and a better overview of projects and related content. “Communicating in an honest and responsible manner with all stakeholders is an integral part of our operating principle. Provision of relevant and regular information educates our audience and allows them to make informed decisions. This means offering meaningful content not only about our projects but also market related news and events as well as the rules and regulations applying to a particular market,” concludes Jakobsen.


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